About us

Samyar Sanat Zagros Group

Includes Factories

  1. Shahrekord Electromotor Production Factory
  2. Shahrekord Moving Door Engines Factory
  3. Shahrekord Computer Accessories Manufacturing Industries Factory
  4. Shahrekord Production of Packaging Parts and Ultra-light Walls Factory
  5. Ahvaz Plastofoam Roof Block Production and Prefabricated Walls Factory
  6. Salmanshahr Plastofoam Roof Block Production and Ultra-light Walls Factory

This group has been established in 1998 in Shahrekord industrial hub with private sector investment. The electromotor unit has started its production and economic activities with the aim of production. And, (thermal and refrigeration) and supply of motors required by home appliance factories are now able to produce and supply more than thirty types of motors used in this industry, including:

  1. Types of kitchen hood fan sets
  2. Types of convection fans
  3. Types of cooling fan
  4. Types of refrigerator fan motors
  5. Motor grill
  6. Home ventilation
  7. Cooler pump
  8. Types of kitchen hood board switches

The above motors are used in electrical appliances, home, kitchen, ventilation, medical equipment, industrial tools, industrial automation and automobiles. During its more than twenty years of experience, the electromotor production unit has been able to enjoy experienced and specialized human capital in the fields of production engineering, design and development, quality control, financial management, marketing management, sales engineering and after-sales service. Now, all the units of this industrial group have formed a successful and efficient group in cooperation, which is a dynamic and intertwined relationship with customers in order to create solutions to solve the specialized problems they need.


“Organizational Guidelines”

  1. Mission: Production and sale of home appliance motors in the Middle East
  2. Vision: The leading manufacturer of single-phase electric motors in terms of quality and customer orientation in the Middle East.
  3. Value: To deliver the highest quality products and create new solutions in related production to customers and consumers who are our most important beneficiaries.
  4. Organizational Slogan: We bring you not only the motorbut also the solution!

Our honors and values

  • Production of the first air conditioner pump with 65% less energy consumption in Iran
  • Production of the first home ventilator with 45% less energy consumption in Iran
  • The first manufacturer of kitchen hood fan set with 45% less energy consumption in Iran
  • Membership in the Energy Productivity Organization (SABA)
  • The first manufacturer of kitchen hood fan sets with the standard of needle flame, inflamed wire and. In Iran
  • The first manufacturer of indoor and furnished oven motors in Iran
  • The first and only manufacturer of refrigerators in Iran

Each of the certifications is an honor for the years of unremitting efforts of this industrial group in emphasizing its quality and needs assessment.

This industrial group has certificates: Iranian national standard in the field of engine and its performance, international management system and quality certificate.

Establishing customer relations (CEM) in the form of its organizational chart to protect and respect the rights of customers is one of the potential indicators and honors of this industrial group.

Quality philosophy: Striving to go beyond customer expectations and requests.

Management Philosophy: Having a complete knowledge in the field of production activity in relation to the internal and external environment of the organization has given more cognitive and philosophical richness to the cognitive paradigms of this field regarding production, market, customers, and human capital and environmental conditions.

Service Philosophy: Has responded quickly and strived to provide the most complete after-sales service in line with the goals of this collection to build a unique experience (CEM).

Philosophy of Marketing Management: An effort to identify, create and meet the needs of the market and adapt the views of customers to the perspectives of product production and social marketing and sales and provide solutions.